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In 1905 and 1906 two new courses were laid out in the southern suburbs of Glasgow - one at Whitecraigs and the other at Cowglen. It was felt, however, that there was room for yet another and on 28th December 1906 "The Williamwood Golf Club" was founded by 16 City business men. Land was leased from Drumby Farm, part of the Estate of Williamwood, where a nine hole course of 2527 yards was constructed. The course was designed and the work supervised by the Head Greenkeeper, Hugh Morris. The course and a small clubhouse were officially opened on 4th May 1907.

By this time, the club had become the tenants of the whole of Drumby Farm and arrangements were put in hand for the formation of an eighteen hole course east of the nine hole course. This, too, was designed by Hugh Morris and the work supervised by him. It extended to 5958 yards with eight holes on the south side of Eastwoodmains Road - a main thoroughfare - and ten on the north side. It was decided that this course should be reserved for gentlemen members, then numbering 290, while the play of lady and junior members was confined to the original nine hole course. Part of Golf Road and a substantial Clubhouse were built and these exist to this day. The official opening of the course and clubhouse took place on Saturday 5th June 1909.

The Williamwood Golf Club
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